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BEN's Training and Consultancy Information Pack


Guide to charges and Contact details

Day rate
Initial advice (Based on half a day spent on briefing materials plus meeting for initial advice and exploration of possible directions )  250 - 350 
Policy and Strategy Development 450 - 750 
Advice 250 - 450
One-off presentations/speaker for conferences or events  700 - 1000
Off the shelf introductory training day  600 *
One-off tailored training events/seminars  750- 1000 *
Developmental support to the board or staff
(hourly rate pro rata)
250 - 450
Assistance in the writing and design of publicity and information materials appropriate to the needs of ethnic groups 300
Editing written materials and generation of new interpretive material working from unique knowledge 300 -450

All the above will be plus expenses
Of course, ultimately the fee will be set according to the nature of the work

* In-house training can be very cost effective compared to the attendance of single workers at external courses. With a group of say 25 people taking part, a course for 600-1000 results in a cost of 24-40 per person

Please contact us to discuss your specific needs :

Pam Green 
Tel/Fax:01286 870 715


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