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Resources from other Organisations

BEN Green Space Focus Group Reports are available as downloads here in Word and pdf format.

Ethnic Communities and Involvement in Green Spaces, Manchester, 16.12.02 pdf

Ethnic Communities and Involvement in green Spaces, Birmingham, 15.1.03 pdf

Focus Group, Ethnic Minority Groups and Green Spaces, Bangladeshi Women's Garden Group, Concrete and Coriander, 27.6.03 pdf

Green Spaces Project Focus Group, Green Pepys Far, 12.9.04 pdf

Green Spaces - Structural interview - Sandra Wong, Project Coordinaor, Mothers and Toddlers Group, Al Hilal, Dec. 03 pdf

Al Hilal - Green Space Focus Group 2 and Report pdf

Report on Green Space Focus Group, Nottingham Sikh Ladies Group, 25.9.03 pdf

Green Spaces Project Focus Group, BEM Network Conference Kuumba Imani Millennium Centre, Liverpool, 7.10.04 pdf

Green Spaces Project Focus Group, Cottingley Springs Gypsy Site, 17.11.04. pdf

Bringing Heritage to Life - is an initiative which seeks to apply the Curiosity & Imagination approach to the heritage sector (including historic sites, countryside and parks, museum and gallery collections, oral history and so on). It aims to spread powerful new ways of engaging children with heritage, helping them to come to a clearer understanding of their local community and its place in the world, and to develop their own individual sense of identity. Visit (05/06)

New Green Guide website and database now on-line at This is the most comprehensive directory of eco-friendly, natural, ethical and organic goods and services, containing everything the consumer & business user needs for a sustainable lifestyle & workplace. You can search the database here (05/06)

Capitalism - As if the World Matters. New book by Jonathon Porritt. Visit for details.Order by phone: 020 7387 8558, or email: (05/06)

ASHT Newsletter (Anglo Sikh Heritage Trail) - free - visit for details. (05/06)

Games and fun for kids from UK museums and galleries, visit (05/06)

Discover lost relatives today with Free access for 14 days to the 300 million+ recordes. Find birth, death or marriage information from as early as the 17th century. Cencus records from 1851. Visit (05/06) Registered charities, environmental, eco-friendly and green groups are invited to submit their information, events free of charge. A charity is selected each week to appear on the homepage and throughout the site. Over 150,000 hits in first 8 weeks. Visit or email : for information. (05/06)

Please give £27 to buy a goat to transform the life of a poor family in Ethiopia. Contact FARM-Africa or phone 020 7430 0440 for details. (05/06)

London Wildweb - a new interactive website to encourage people to make the most of London's wild places. (05/06)

Social Inclusion Directory - new online information bank developed by Oxfam's UK Poverty Programme. (05/06)

Chemicals in the Home: Humans have manufactured up to 80,000 new chemicals which are in use in every area of life. However up to 300 of these have been detected in human tissue, and many have been identified as harmful in some way to humans or animals. The EU is currently considering new legislation called REACH, due to enter into force in late 2006. For information and to take action see (05/06)

The Cleaner Safer Greener Communities campaign, is about creating quality spaces in which people want to live and can be proud - and which others will respect. For comprehensive information visit or email us at (05/06)

Cultivations - concentraes on promoting, advising and informing people about the herapeutic and educational benefits of working with nature. Visit (05/06)

Swallows, Martins and Swifts Worldwide is a whole-world yahoo site. You may record observations, describe interesting behavioural features, ask questions, advise readers about publications and submit photographs and texts. (05/06)

Fones4safety - Community friendly phone recycling scheme. Donate your old mobile phone to help protect vulnerable people. Call 020 7740 6533 or post your old phone and charger to: CRISP, FREEPOST LON15948, LONDON SE17 1BR. Visit (05/06)

Anser House Services. is the leading not-for-profit independent agency dedicated to promoting inclusivity and equality in the workplace and society. Training offered. Visit (05/06)

Rising Tide is a network of local groups in the UK and internationally taking action on climate change from a social justice perspective. Visit (05/06)

Common Knowledge's response to the Consultation Draft "Guidance on integrating cultural and community strategies' produced for DCMS local government team by Creative Cultures can be found on (05/06)

Institute for Outdoor Learning information on outdoor activity, training, equipment and service providers. (05/06)

Tourism Concern - Avoid Guilt Trips. Visit (05/06)

Breaking the Mould with Showcase in Sheffield. The world's first streaming media archive of radio and TV programmes and internet sites from the community media sector. (05/06)
'Did you know you can stop most junk mail?'
Tel. 020 7291 3310 or visit (05/06)

Did you know. Higher than average levels of the feminine hormone oestrogen in the body increases women's risk of developing breast cancer, and yet many of these chemicals now polluting our environment. What can you do? Write to/visit your Government representative/local MP and MEP to tell them of your concerns and demand action. In addition you can avoid synthetic fragrances; buy organic and locally grown produce; read labels and look at ingredients. Get WEN briefings from (05/06)

Platform , an organisation promoting creative processes of democratic engagement to advance social and ecological justice, has launched their new website, (05/06)

Family Learning Network . An independent charity working for an inclusive society, which aims to stimulate learning that will sustain people for life. Contact: Campaign for Learning, 19 Buckingham St., London WC2N 6EF; Tel. 020 7930 1111, Fax. 020 7930 1551, (07/05)

The Earth Charter is a declaration of fundamental principles for building a just, sustainable, and peaceful global society for the 21st century. visit comments and recommendtions are welcome at (05/06)

Cash for Cans - Alcan Aluminium Can Recycling Scheme. Raise cash for your chosen good cause and help the environment at the same time. Visit for more information.(05/06)

Refugee and Asylum Seeker Volunteers. The National Centre for Volunteering has recently clarified that refugees and asylum seekers are definitely permitted to volunteer and receive legitimate out of pocket expenses. Some refugees and asylum seekers have received letters from the Home Office stating that they may not engage in paid or unpaid work - however this does not apply to volunteering so long as it is for a not-for profit organisation. (07/05)

Free Course for People Working with Volunteers. The Certificate in Interpersonal Skills is delivered by the Univ. of Wales, Lampeter by distance learning with full tutor support. Offered free to UK and EU citizens and people who have been UK residents for 3 years or more. Accessible to those without previous experience of higher education and no formal entrance qualifications. It seeks to build on students' experience as a volunteer, carer or paid worker. For more information contact the Department of Voluntary Sector Studies on 01570 424 785 or email or visit (05/06)

Learndirect - Computer-based courses so that learning can take place wherever there is access to the internet. Learndirect also have centres around the country which have crèches, cafés, parking, free internet access, lending libraries, games rooms and desktop publishing facilities. The Learndirect website contains a database of 500,000 nationwide courses plus access to practical information and advice on learning. Contact learndirect on 8000 101901 or visit (05/06)

Country Holidays for Inner City Kids. CHICKS is a charity offering free holidays to disadvantaged children from all over the UK who would otherwise not get a holiday. For information visit (05/06)

Global Concerns Trust, enabling Young People to help tackle the challenges of development and the environment in Africa and Asia. visit (05/06)

The Compact Advocacy Programme hel voluntary organisations find out if they have been unfairly treated by government. (05/06)

Website funded by the Home Office Active Community Unit helps voluntary and community organisations (VCOs) find out how to obtain free professional support. (05/06)

The other side of the story. The Institute of Race Relations' provides a vital link for BME and mainstream groups by offering an alternative view on race and refugee issues, plus a hub of shared information.Visit (05/06)

The report 'The role and future development of black and minority ethnic organisations' can be downloaded from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, (05/06)

The Countryside Agency is leading the field in developing learning networks - online communities that share knowledge and information to collaborate on a specific project, theme or issue, and produce a successful outcome. It contains a huge bank of resources. There are now several live networks. One is the Greenspace Learning Network (05/06)

Curiosity & Imagination the national network for children's hands-on learning. (05/06)

Demos is the think tank for everyday democracy. takes new ideas which can improve the quality of life and aims to create an open resource of knowledge and learning. (05/06)

"Take Control" - A campaign launched by Triodos Bank to encourage people to use their money to bring about positive social and environmental change through their Positive Saver account. Savings only support social, cultural and environmental initiatives. Visit (07/05)

Plant for Wildlife Campaign - Countryside Council for Wales has published a leaflet which includes a long list of wildlife-attracting plants. Visit for details of this and other pulications. (05/06)

Colney Woodland Burial Park - as an alternative to conventional municipal graveyard or cremation at Colney on the outskirts of Norwich. see (05/06)

Green Flag and Green Pennant Awards dedicated to award winning parks and spaces. Access information and find contact details for quality parks and green spaces across England and Wales. (05/06)

Community Re-Paint Network Programme Save Waste & Prosper Ltd co-ordinate this network which collects leftover and surplus paint for redistribution to the community. Visit (05/06)

Multi-lingual advice line to help older people with little or no English to overcome housing problems. The line has been established as an addition to the charity's Advice Information and Mediation Service (AIMS). Seven languages will be offered through the new line: Bengali, Chinese (Cantonese and Mandarin), Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, Vietnamese and Gujarati. Callers can leave a message for assistance and will be contacted within 24 hours by an interpreter. Advice sheets in different languages have also been published. Advice Line: 0845 600 2001 .

London Comunity Recycling Network - various projects including London Compost Network to support home and community composting. Visit or email Charlie Willsmore - (05/06)

Food Justice: An end to food poverty - The campaign for the Food Poverty (Eradication) Bill. The launch meeting for the Food Justice Campaign took place on 14th November 2001 at the Emmanuel Centre in Westminster, London. The aim of the campaign is to put in place a national strategy that will end food povery in a specified time in this country. Speakers included Professor Tim Lang (Sustain: the alliance for better food and farming); Judy Ling Wong (Director - Black Environment Network); Alan Simpson MP (Member of Parliament for Nottingham South); Reverend Paul Nicolson (Zaccaeus 200 Trust). Download Judy's presentation here. Transcripts of the talks can be found on http:/

Publication from Stonewall - 'The Employment Equality (Sexual Orientation) Regulations - Guidelines for Employers' and 'Understanding Prejudice', can be downloaded from (05/06)

New Countryside Code Education Pack developed with the Countryside Agency and the Countryside Council for Wales. Packs available free of charge, visit

The Urban Imperative: Urban Outreach Strategies for Protected Area Agencies is now in print. A description and ordering information are posted at Note that the full text of the book is posted online in HTML format at (05/06)

Prayers in Islam - a free e-book compiled by Dr Umar Azam, can be obtained in Word format from (01/06)

Earth from the Air - a spectacular presentation of large-scale photographs of astonishing natural landscapes. Created by world-famous photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand, every stunning aerial photograph tells a story about our changing planet. Seen together, they are an outstanding visual testimony to the world we live in today. A world with a growing population, shrinking biodiversity, polluted lands and oceans, a changing climate and a shortage of drinking water. A world, nevertheless, of beauty and of wonder. (05/06)

Want more wildlife in your garden? IN16.7 (CORP1.9) Wildlife-friendly gardening - a general guide. Free full colour booklet for anyone who would like to increase the wildlife found in the gardens where they live and work. (05/06)

Gardening with wildlife in mind - with profiles on species, advice and handy tips - is the perfect tool to find out how you can encourage wildlife into your garden. (05/06)

'Being involved in school design: a guide for school communities, local authorities, funders and design and construction teams'. Publication from CABE, download from (05/06)

Physical Capital: how great places boost public value. A publication from CABE. Visit publications on to download this and other publications. (05/06)

Is the grass greener? CABE Space is the part of CABE dedicated to encouraging excellence in the planning, design, management and maintenance of parks and public space in England's towns and cities. (05/06)

Making Connections: Birmingham Black International History: a richly illustrated new publication celebating Biminghams Black International history and the contribution which black people have made to the city's history since the 18th century. Contact Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery, (05/06)

Want to volunteer? Visit for latest news from Volunteering England. (05/06)

National Youth Agency Download publications on youth work and youth services (05/06)

FloodRanger - an educational video game based on flood management strategies over the next 100 years. More inormation at (05/06)

Listen to the Refugee's Story - how foreign investment creates refugees and asylum seekers. Cost £5 - from The Corner House, Station Road, Sturminster Newton, Dorset DT10 1YJ. Tel 01258 473795, email: electronic copies (PDF format) FREE from (05/06)

Factsheets from the Growing Schools Garden now available to download from (05/06)

CRN's information sheets available to download:
Suppliers of recycled computer equipment
Computer specification and "jargon-buster" glossary
Working in partnership with local authorities
Hitting the headlines - guide to writing press releases
Furniture recycling network
Details of the Enabling Waste Initiative Partnership Project
Details (05/06)

Website to visit "with a diverse combination of plants, gardens can provide richer habitats for wildlife than many found in nature: (05/06)

Funds for Historic Buildings - a directory of sources - The Architectural Heritage Fund with support from English Heritage and Cadw has launched a unique online guide to the funding available for rescuing and restoring historic buildings. The guide can be accessed free of charge at (05/06)

SCVO Equalities Training CD. 'Image of Ourselves' is a new interactive training tool designed to raise awareness and good practice. The CD-ROM presents 28 specially created characters in various scenarios which users watch and then answer questions based on observations. Price £20. Visit (05/06)

Media Trust. The Community Channel makes you think again about the world around you, and inspires you to take action on the causes and issues that matter to you. The Information Network, if you work for a charity or voluntary organisation, or are looking to get active and get involved in your community then this is the place for you to get some tools and advice to help you. (05/06)

How to Find and Identify Mammals - an invaluable guide to the land mammals of Britain. Cost £7.50 (inc. p&p) available from The Mammal Society, 2B Inworth Street, London SW11 3EP. Phone 020 7350 2200 or email Visit for details of other publications. (05/06)

Other side of the story - The tabloid media's obsession with 'scrounging' asylum seekers and out of control immigration has served to intensify a climate of fear and suspicion. In such a situation information become crucial. By offering an alternative view on race and refugee issues, plus a hub of shared information supplied by BME organisations, IRR News hopes to play a key role in building capacity in the VCS. Arun Kundani is the editor of IRR News. Website: (05/06)

Measuring Impact - A Guide to Resources. NCVO Research shows organisations must look at the wide range of areas they impact upon, including partners and local communities, not just their impact on beneficiaries. To download report visit (05/06)

Forest, trees and human health and well being. There is a growing understanding in health policy that sustainable health requires not only effective medical approaches, but also healthy environments and lifestyles. 'Health and well-being: trees, woodlands and natural spaces' Price £10.
Copies from: Forestry Commission Publications, PO Box 25, Wetherby, W.Yorks. LS23 7EQ.
Tel. 0870 121 4180. email: or download from
Further information from Dr. Liz O'Brien, Social Research Unit, Forest Research.
Tel. 01420 22255, ext. 2291. email: LizO' (05/06)

Moving Here - provides free online access to original items from 30 museums, archives and libraries. All records illustrate and record the migration of Jewish, South Asian, Irish and Caribbean communities to England over the past 200 years. Search 150,000 items. Look at photos, read newspapers and reports, search for names, listen to interviews and music, watch film footage and download any item from the catalogue for free. Sections include: The Gallery; Migration Histories; Tracing your roots; Stories; Add your story. Visit (05/06)

Art in the Park Community Projects at Chulmleigh Gardens - visit for news on events. (05/06)

Children's Scrapstore is a charity set up by Friends of the Earth to re-use waste materials from business and industry to help develop creativity amongst children and other members of the community, particularly low income groups. Low cost resources provided to members (£9.50 for a shopping trolley) and new art and craft materials are available in their Artrageous shop which is also open to the public - both based in Central Bristol. Membership is open to any group working in a creative play, educational or therapeutic setting.
Phone Caitlyn on 0117 925229 - details on (05/06)

Environmental Action - A guide for individuals and communities - published by Environmental Law Foundation. Provides vital knowledge and practical ways through the environmental legal system. Cost £4.95. Tel. 020 7404 1030, email: details of this and other publications to download from )05/06)

Reaching the Summit - Johannesburg, the UK and Sustainable Development. Booklet available from PB7431 when ordering)- download (05/06)

Green Transport in Stafford Borough. A green travel plan for employees of Stafford Borough Council. This is such a good plan we would like ethnic groups to see it and use it as a model. (05/06)

'Allotments: a plot holders' guide' published DTLR. Provides guidance on day to day issues that may arise including obtaining an allotment plot, useful contacts and a brief summary of relevant legislation. Copies available from Department for Transport, Local Government and the Regions, PO Box 236, Wetherby, W. Yorshire LS23 7NB. Tel. 0870 1226 236, Fax: 0870 1226 237. E-mail: Also available to download from (05/06)

The Green Street Gang website! Find out the latest survey results and see what kids think of parks and play areas. The Green Street Gang find Max - download from The children are led through some activities, and questions by the members of the Green Street Gang. The aim is to find out what children think about their local green spaces and what they would like to change. It also asks children their opinions about ideas the Taskforce has to make our parks and green spaces better for everyone. (05/06)


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