The Medicine Wheel - Milton Keynes

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For more information contact:
The Trustees, Milton Keynes Medicine Wheel, City Discovery Centre, Milton Keynes MK13 9AP

About the Medicine Wheel

The Medicine Wheel is an exciting stone structure set on 'sacred' Green Space in Willen North Park, Milton Keynes. The stones have been positioned to be in alignment with the earth's natural powerful energies, and it is said that if prayers are offered at the centre or 'source' of the wheel, those wishes are amplified. At the centre is the Sacred Fire which is lit at some ceremonies. This fire represents the Sacred Spirit in all things, places, people, and for all time. The Guardians of the Wheel believe that its essence is unconditional love, wisdom, peace and illumination.

Roy Littlesun, the adopted son of a Native American elder Titus Quomayumptewa, designed and initiated the Wheel. A group of volunteers co-ordinated and assisted in the building of the Wheel, and it is from these first volunteers that the Trustees or Guardians of the Wheel were created.

The Common Ground is open for use by individuals and groups for meditation, celebration and prayer. The use of the Wheel is inclusive, non-denominational and open to use by all faiths.

The Wheel is made up on 108 limestones from the village of Weston Underwood. Native Chiefs from the Onodage tribe came to Milton Keynes and spent their time praying and smoking their pipes of peace over the stones.

The Wheel has four large gateways which represent the four compass points, the seasons, the races and the four elements. The two lesser gateways on the outer circle are aligned along the earth's natural energy line.

The outer and inner circles symbolise our outer and inner worlds, the universe and humanity within.


There is a single flat stone lying to the South East of the East Gate, known as 'The Africa Stone' - this is linked to the Kalahari Bush people who have also built a 'Circle of Hearts Medicine Wheel' in the Kalahari dessert.

The uses of the Wheel are varied, ranging from the Blessing of Rivers to International Women's Day, All are welcome to join in any of the ceremonies. Information of coming events can be found on the notice board near the Buddhist Temple opposite the Wheel. If you wish to use the Medicine Wheel to hold an event or ceremony, contact the trustees via the Temple.

The Aims of the Medicine Wheel are:

Future Plans

The trustees are in the process of producing an educational pack for schools, youth and community groups. Other organisations are welcome to use the Medicine Wheel

There are many different manifestations of the Medicine Wheel, including the traditional and the constantly evolving concepts of the Wheel, such as that in Willen Park. Further information on Medicine Wheels can be found at

Activities in the Open Green Space

The Medicine Wheel stands on land owned by the Milton Keynes Parks Trust. The volunteers, who are now Trustees (preferring to see themselves as guardians of the wheel) asked Landscape Architect Neil Higson to draw up details plans from the first sketches by Roy Littlesun who initiated the Circle of Hearts Medicine Wheel.

On visiting the park if is unlikely you would be bored because the ethics of the Medicine Wheel are so inclusive. Opposite the Wheel is a beautiful Buddhist Temple and next to Willen lake stands the Peace Pagoda, these are both often linked with the programme of activities around the Wheel itself, and annual ceremonies by Nipponzan Myohoji and various Buddhist traditions are held here

The 22nd anniversary of the Peace Pagoda will beheld on the 16th June, and speeches and messages of peace will be offered. There will also be music, dance and cultural performances - a true event for all where everyone is welcome.


For more information contact:
The Trustees, Milton Keynes Medicine Wheel, City Discovery Centre, Milton Keynes MK13 9AP