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Green Spaces Project of the Month

February 2004 - Abney Park Cemetery, Hackney, London
Contact: Kirsty Peterkin
tel.0207 7275 7557
OR: Kenneth 'Monty' Montgomery, tel. 0141 956 6816, mobile 07885 962614

Abney Park Cemetery in London's East End is remarkable in that it is at once a nature reserve and a recreational facility for Hackney's incredibly diverse communities – at the last count 224 languages were spoken in the borough.

One of only two non-conformist cemeteries in London and one of the oldest garden cemeteries in the capital, Abney Park is Hackney's first Local Nature Reserve, consisting of 13 hectares of woodland, important for its ecology and its architecture. It is also classified as a nature reserve of metropolitan importance and as such figures highly in the Local Biodiversity Action Plan.

High profile events attract visitors from many of the ethnic communities in the neighbourhood, and culturally relevant activities are helping to secure the engagement of two significant local communities – the Orthodox Jewish and Turkish communities.



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