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Green Spaces Project of the Month

April 2002 - The Medicine Wheel. Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes Medicine Wheel,
City Discovery Centre,
Milton Keynes MK13 9AP.

The Magical Medicine Wheel is a beautiful collection of stones. The native Americans believe that the position of stones such as these creates an energy which can magnify personal spiritual force.

The Wheel has been positioned on the earth's natural energy lines in Willen North Peace Park, Milton Keynes. This may not be thought of as the best place to house a spiritual connection to the earth, but once in the park you will forget the concrete cows and the broad highways of the town.

The ability to connect with your spiritual self may also be partly due to the presence of the Buddhist Temple and the Peace Pagoda, all within sight of each other. It is an ideal place for quiet reflection and thought.

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