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BEN Green Spaces Introduction

This section highlights good practice with the BEN Network.

Green Spaces - this is a major current theme within the environmental and heritage sectors. Here are the pdfs of Green Space examples and Focus groups reports from the BEN Green Space England project 2002-2005, and the case studies and papers from the Green Spaces Wales Project 2005.

Ethnic Minorities and Green Spaces publication
Green Spaces Part 1.pdf
Green Spaces Part 2.pdf

The ODPM funded national project has now finished: the publication Ethnic Communities and Green Spaces is available to download here, covering all the monthly projects during the Green Spaces Project.

The Green Space Wales Project was a short project supported by Enfys and Environment Wales in 2005 to highlight examples of green spaces in Wales which were created or developed with the involvement of ethnic communities. Issue papers also identify some aspects of the concerns and processes.

Issue Paper 1. Working with asylum seekers and refugees

(download here)

Issue paper 2. A framework for bringing environmental organisations and ethnic community groups into partnership

(download here)

You can download a report of 'GreenSpaces and Ethnic Communities Sustainable Development Education project (Green Spaces Wales Project)' as a pdf file. download here




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