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The Ethnic Minorities Award Scheme for Environmental Projects (EMAS)

Guidance Notes to Applicants

This small scheme is aimed at schools, community groups and individuals undertaking projects which concern the environment and involve people from ethnic communities. 

EMAS is:

A small grant scheme and referral service run by BEN for projects needing up to 500


An advice and funding referral service for projects which can access funds from larger existing grant schemes elsewhere, or needing over 500.

How to use EMAS

1. EMAS has very limited funds for small grants. They will be given to innovative projects which do not fit into the grant categories of other larger environmental grant schemes. Projects which spur vital development locally are given a priority.

2. Advice and contacts for expertise will be given to support grant seekers to fund their projects. If you wish to use this service, please fill in the EMAS form and send it in so that we can look at the details of your project. We will contact you. 

3. A comprehensive environmental grants guide at a reasonable cost can be obtained from the Directory of Social Change 020 7209 5151. If you need further advice on your project, do give us a ring. 

Contact Details 

Contact BEN UK Office at:
Black Environment Network, 60 High Street, Llanberis, Gwynedd LL57 4AX ukoffice@ben-network.org.uk

Please send SAE with 20p stamp for the EMAS application form only.

Please send SAE with 80p stamp for an information pack containing free articles and details about the work of BEN, membership form and an EMAS application form.

For advice Tel/Fax 01286 870 715

Download as pdf files: Guidance Notes and Application Form

Download as Word fiels: Guidance Notes and Application Form

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