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Management Committee and Structure

  Area of Contribution Associated Organisation  Location
Richard Cuthbertson Historic Environment National Trust Wales
Sukhbinder Johal Arts Culture and Regeneration Culture East Midlands Leicester
Deepak Naik Equalities Communities of faith Hindu communities Birmingham City Council Birmingham
Abdul Ghaffar Youth Work Birmingham City Council Birmingham
Malcolm Rigler Health Individual Hereford
Susan Sheehan Local Authorities and Sustainability Lambeth Council London
Kartar Singh Youth and Regeneration Groundwork Leicester Leicester

BEN Management Committee

  • The BEN MC should be BEN Network members active in the of the needs and concerns of black, white and other ethnic groups
  • All BEN MC members should have expertise in relation to enabling ethnic environmental participation in relation to sustainable development
  • The BEN MC should embody a wide range of expertise across fields of concern relating to sustainable development
  • The BEN MC represents the local needs and concerns of the geographical regions served by BEN

BEN Advisers

Beyond the expertise embodied by the BEN MC, BEN has a list of individuals who we can call on in order to have expert advice on other areas of development. The present list range from the expertise of designing grant schemes to working with television.

The BEN Network

The scope of the work of BEN emerges from being in touch with our members on the ground.

The Structure of BEN

BEN is the leader in the field of ethnic environmental participation which it has created. BEN works to create a framework within which full participation by ethnic communities, in sustainable development, can take place. We work to stimulate and support ethnic groups in environmental participation. In parallel we work to enable relevant organisations to reach out and work effectively with ethnic groups. This is achieved through awareness raising, training, research, publications, advice and support.

The organisation's core staff includes the Director and the Administrators, working to a UK-wide Management Committee and Advisors representing a wide spectrum of expertise, and in consultation with members of the BEN Network.

Time-limited strategic projects are generated to address ethnic environmental participation. All the project work of BEN is formulated to be strategic. Our positioning is that we believe that the involvement of ethnic groups should be at the heart of mainstream activity, so that all mainstream organisations take up their remit of 'being for everyone' and formulate initiatives which enable them to arrive in that position. We are here to do ourselves out of a job !Volunteers are used as appropriate but in the main projects employ highly qualified professional staff with proven years of experience in this demanding field of work.

Management Committee + BEN Advisors + BEN Network


Policy Development Officer
Training and Consultancy Development Officer
UK Networks Officer
Administrative Co-ordinator. Administrators

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Ethnic Minorities
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Development Workers and Administrators
The BEN Rainbow Project
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Development Workers and Administrators
North Wales Access Project
South Wales Access Project
BEN Recycle Bike Project
Wales Good Practice Project

Our work is focused on the UK. However our work has a natural international dimension as ethnic communities in this country are linked through the culture of their country of origin to many parts of the world. The search for identity by ethnic groups necessarily involves them in exploration of inter-cultural relationships. There is also international interest in our work as working across different cultural groups is an urgent issue of our times in many countries. 

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