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BEN Management Committee

  Area of Contribution Associated Organisation  Location
Richard Cuthbertson   Individual Wales
Abdul Ghaffar Young People and Environmental Awareness Local Authority Birmingham
Sally Bailey Community involvement  Worldwide Fund for Nature WWF Wales Wales
Sukhbinder Johal Regeneration Ethnic Arts Leicester City Council /Apna Arts  E. Midlands / National
Deepak Naik Equality Minorities of Europe, Secretary General W. Midlands / National
Steve Parry Schools and communities Individual London / National
Dawn Sanders Environmental Education Chelsea Physic Gardens London
Jane Trowell Environment, Community and Democracy / Arts Platform London
Christine Wildhaber   Chumleigh Multicultural Garden London

BEN Management Committee

  • The BEN MC should be BEN Network members active in the representation of the needs and concerns of black, white and other ethnic groups
  • All BEN MC members should have expertise in relation to enabling ethnic environmental participation in relation to sustainable development
  • The BEN MC should embody a wide range of expertise across fields of concern relating to sustainable development
  • The BEN MC represents the local needs and concerns of the geographical regions served by BEN

BEN Advisers

Beyond the expertise embodied by the BEN MC, BEN has a list of individuals who we can call on in order to have expert advice on other areas of development. The present list range from the expertise of designing grant schemes to working with television.

The BEN Network

The scope of the work of BEN emerges from being in touch with our members on the ground.

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