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Annual Report 1999 - 2000

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Consultancy and Training

BEN provides training , and consultancy providing advice and a support service to enable organisational personnel to work effectively with ethnic communities.

Training programme :

Built around the body of knowledge relating to ethnic environmental participation, it is constantly being developed.

  • We offer training tailored to the needs of the client organisation re working effectively with ethnic groups.
  • We offer over 20 themed modules of training relating to working with ethnic groups.
  • We also offer training related to build the capacity of ethnic groups to access the information, expertise and resources they need with regard to environmental participation.

Consultancy services offered include:

  • Advice as needed, e.g. Advice on publicity and publications
  • Development of policy and strategy
  • Development of pilot projects
  • Identifying target ethnic groups for research projects
  • Facilitating focus groups
  • Developmental support for organisational personnel
  • Development of socially and culturally relevant activities or projects to involve ethnic groups
  • Facilitation to enable partnership between environmental agencies and ethnic groups
  • Building up relationship between environmental agencies and ethnic communities in order to facilitate recruitment of employees or volunteers
  • Vetting press releases or articles relating to ethnic groups

Our clients have included:

The Environment Agency
Groundwork (various)
Bristol City Council
Northamptonshire Coutnryside Services
Ramblers Association
Scottish Natural Heritage
BTCV Wales
Cardiff County Council
City and County of Swansea
City of Edinburgh Council

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