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Annual Report 1999 - 2000

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Information and Advice

The Information advice and referral service provides first stage signposting for schools and ethnic community groups, and one-off advice to environmental personnel.

For community groups and schools:

  • Signposting to expertise and resources
  • Referral to funding bodies
  • Grant application advice
  • Project outline advice
  • Briefing of environmental involvement to newcomers
  • Contacts for information and experience sharing
  • Project examples.

For environmental personnel:

  • Advice on outreach to ethnic groups
  • Sources of information on ethnic groups
  • Project advice on mutli-cultural considerations
  • Contacts for information and experience sharing within the BEN Network
  • Project examples
  • The above is based on the principal of initial and occasional advice, with an emphasis on the need for awareness and raising and training for skills to work effectively and relevantly with ethnic groups. They are therefore also introduced to the benefits of BEN Network membership and the range of services offered by the BEN Training and Consultancy Service.

Publications and Resources

BEN publishes resources, papers and reports share information and skills, promote good practice and highlight issues and concerns.
  • The BEN Information Pack continues to be sent out to all enquirers
  • BEN produces reports and resources drawing on the experience of BEN projects.
  • BEN produces discussion papers promoting debate on current issues and concerns the various BEN projects. New papers for this year include 'Multi-cultural Interpretation and Access to Heritage', and 'Visualising Heritage Participation by Ethnic Groups', 'Needs Assessment Surveys - organisational development towards ethnic inclusion', 'Funding issues affecting ethnic groups', 'Access by ethnic groups to National Parks'.
  • The central BEN Network database is constantly developed and updated.
  • OHP notes to conference keynote speeches and workshops continue to be made available to others who wish to develop and make use of BEN concepts.
  • Details of our work continue to be listed in community groups, newsletters, the information departments of local authority libraries and major national guides.
  • Articles appear regularly in publications reaching diverse types of audiences, such as The Natural World, the TCPA magazine, and Country Living.
  • Media coverage this year included BBC's 'Countryfile'.
  • Particular aspects of the work of BEN appears on many websites belonging to other organisations. Type Black Environment Network to search.

Strategic Development

The Strategic Development Project concentrates on specific aspects of our Development Plan - including highlighting ethnic environmental participation, development of partnerships and new projects, the publication and promotion of resource materials based on models of good practice, consultancy and training development and strengthening BEN's fundraising base.

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