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Annual Report 1999 - 2000

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Vital Needs and Concerns

  • The need for access to information, advice, resources and expertise
  • The need for developmental support
  • The need for developing a range of projects which integrate social, cultural and environmental concerns relevant to the specific needs of ethnic groups
  • Highlighting the contribution of ethnic groups to the environmental movement
  • Putting ethnic community environmental participation on the agenda of the environmental movement
  • A training and consultancy service enables organisations in the environmental sector to obtain advice and developmental support, and to gain skills which strategically address the involvement of ethnic groups in environmental matters

BEN is a force for change within the environmental movement, working to create a climate within which full participation by ethnic communities can take place

Key Achievements

  • BEN has put ethnic community environmental participation on the agenda of the environmental movement
  • The BEN Network has 600 members, many of whom are themselves networks, initiating developments across the country. The wide range of members include major environmental agencies, other organisations working sustainable development, academics, community groups, schools, and individuals. The Network enables the vast and diverse pool of experience to be shared.
  • We run the BEN Network Conference, responding to the needs of our members. The conference is focused on sharing the lessons learnt through presentations from inspiring projects from across the country, addressing issues and promoting significant directions of development in the field of ethnic environmental participation.
  • We handle an information and advice service, networking enquiries to expertise and resources.
  • We publish resource materials and papers in order to promote models of good practice, highlight ethnic contribution, and maintain a cutting edge dialogue on ethnic community environmental participation.
  • We continually contribute to policy, develop central concepts on ethnic participation and good practice guidelines through participating in consultation exercises at all levels.
  • Ethnic community environmental participation is constantly promoted through speaking at national and international conferences, running workshops and training days, participating in roundtables for good practice and policy, and working with the press and media to contribute to public environmental dialogues.
  • New and innovative opportunities for ethnic community environmental participation are created nationally and internationally through partnership initiatives.
  • Partnership and developmental projects are forged to address issues and needs.
  • Our Training and Consultancy Service enables the environmental sector to tap into the unique expertise drawn from the groundbreaking work of BEN.

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