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Annual Report 1999 - 2000

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Ethnic Community Sustainable Education Development Project (England)

This project aims to put ethnic groups in touch with the themes of sustainable development and the opportunities for participation.
It is framed around an initial poster project targeted at 7 cities, allied with building local links to stimulate engagement with sustainable development.

Poster Information Pack

  • Consultation was undertaken to develop the Poster Information Pack. Painstaking work went into representing the range of themes within sustainable development around the setting of the everyday urban environment in which most ethnic groups live, and addressing their possible relationship to nature at large beyond the cities. It is an extremely colourful eye-catching design using photographic images of diverse ethnic groups participating in a range of activities.

Database Research

  • A process was developed to research a targeted mailing list of ethnic groups for each target city.
  • Additionally research was undertaken to build a database of contacts for information, resources, expertise and opportunities for participation in sustainable development. These extend beyond the core range of environmental organisations, extending into areas such as health, housing associations and council estates, community design and planning, and funding.
  • Regular inputs from organisations working in sustainable development and updates are fed into the database.
  • Over the 2 years, the following cities have been covered: London, Birmingham, Leicester.

Local Proactive Network Development

  • Further outreach in provision of information locally are facilitated through direct contact with environmental and other relevant organisations local to each target area. This contact has importantly stimulated organisations to consider their relationship with ethnic groups and in many cases take up BEN training and developmental support to enable their personnel to work effectively with ethnic groups. Local proactive networks in the target cities are being built up through the impact of this project.
  • Focused pilot projects are set up with a range of organisations to test out the specific use of the BEN Poster Pack to stimulate ethnic participation in the remit of the partner organisation.
  • The Birmingham Development Education Centre has been inspired to develop information materials aimed at ethnic groups building on the principles and methodology for the production of the BEN Poster Pack. They piloted and assessed the value of the Pack for stimulating pupil and parent involvement in sustainable development. They also used the posters in the Gambia and evaluated their impact there. A report is being produced.

Ethnic Minorities Award Scheme

A small grant scheme for innovative projects integrating social, cultural and environmental concerns. Plus a signposting service to grants and resources.

Summary of BEN Projects
99/00 and 00/01

The Advice and Information Project
The Strategic Development Project
Ethnic Community Sustainable Education Development Project. England
The Ethnic Environmental Participation Project. Scotland
The Ethnic Environmental Participation Project. Wales
Gateway Project in partnership with the Welsh Historic Gardens Trust. Wales
EMAS (Ethnic Minorities Award Scheme)

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