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Annual Report 1999 - 2000

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Newsflash !

Queen's Birthday Honours 2000 - Judy Ling Wong appointed OBE
Citation : Ethnic Environmental Participation

This personal honour is not only an official recognition of my contribution but of the very significance of the field of work of ethnic environmental participation. But, nothing is ever achieved alone. It is an honour that extends to BEN as an organisation, its Management Committee and Advisors, BEN staff, our funders, all of the BEN Network, and beyond, to all the supporters of BEN who play a role in making ethnic environmental participation a reality. To all of you, thank you and congratulations !

A web of influence
The web of influence of the BEN Network is now a prominent feature of the environmental movement. We have a unique national and international reputation. 600 members, many of which are themselves regional or local networks, span the UK, all actively working for change.

At the heart of contemporary issues
BEN is at the forefront of the interface of 2 major contemporary areas of concern - sustainable development, and social inclusion. The approach that BEN has forged since its inception, initiating and inspiring projects which integrate cultural, social and environmental concerns, strikes at the centre of sustainable development. We are years ahead in experience working with joined-up thinking. Awareness has broken through - that working with a socially excluded group is not just about paying special attention to a small group of people. It is about working towards a vision of a society of which we can all be proud - a vibrant, inclusive and multi-cultural Britain.

A major influence for policy towards ethnic inclusion
BEN continues to highlight ethnic environmental participation at major conferences and policy consultations, reaching policy makers as well as those working on the ground. Key concepts are embodied in discussion papers and publications, providing the philosophical underpinning for policy.

A deepened understanding of Equal Opportunities
The priority for social inclusion voiced by Government, in combination with the atmosphere of concern engendered by the Lawrence enquiry, maintains a heightened climate for change with regard to ethnic participation. While increasingly inclusion and access are appearing in the policy of environmental agencies, it is not matched by the necessary awareness and skills crucial to enabling an organisation to transform itself to one which can reach out and provide a programme of engagement which is socially and culturally relevant to ethnic communities.
A vital area of contribution is to make available the expertise drawn from the groundbreaking work of BEN. BEN is poised to become a force in the area of training provision, consultancy, and the provision of advice support to assist agencies in closing the gap between goodwill and action.

Judy Ling Wong FRSA . OBE
Director BEN

Black Environment Network(BEN)is the leader in the pioneering field of ethnic community environmental participation which  it  has  created.

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